Curriculum Vitae

Trevor--pay more attention to how they use technology, dispel determinism, rebuild trust ans responsibility, and embody responsible use of technology institutionally. I'm hesitant about the last. I cringe at something that wants to make itself an institution, that wants to strengthen the institution for its own sake. To help institutions see how better to serve people, to listen to people, yes; but not the institution for its own sake.

Wes--it's dependent on the first three. It draws the first three together and perpetuates them. In dispelling determinism, it's not just that the machine isn't determined, but that the uses aren't determined.

Trevor: they look both to the past and to the future, to the chalk and the plasma screen.

Mary: and to see the very process of institutionaliszation as technological itself. But I want to talk to you about our dreams, too. We were talking about ideas that aren't necessarily Wabash ideas, but might be allied to Wabash. I have commitments that aren't the same as Wabash commitments, but I'd like Wabash to hear them. Here are my points for my Manifesto.