Curriculum Vitae

Book Reviews

Prophecy and Discernment, by R. W. L. Moberly
      in Catholic Biblical Quarterly 70 (2008) 163-165..
Reading Augustine, by Jason Byassee
      Anglican Theological Review 89 (2007) 495-497.
The Gospel of Matthew, by Stanley Hauerwas
      The Christian Century (August 7, 2007) 38-39.
New Testament Theology, by Philip Esler
      Modern Theology 23 (2007) 150-152.
The River of God, by Gregory Riley
      in Catholic Biblical Quarterly 68 (2006) 551-2.
A Short Introduction to Hermeneutics, by David Jasper
      Anglican Theological Review 87 (2005) 698-700.
The Learning Bible: Contemporary English Version
      Anglican Theological Review 86 (2004) 698ff.
Beyond Belief: The Secret Gospel of Thomas, by Elaine Pagels
      Trenton Times (summer 2003).
The Fall of Interpretation by James K. A. Smith
      Anglican Theological Review 85 (2003).
Diglossia and Other Topics in New Testament Linguistics, ed. Stanley Porter
      Review of Biblical Literature.
Jesus and the Politics of Interpretation, by Elisabeth Schüssler Fiorenza
      Modern Theology 18/3 (2002) 419-421.
Take Back the Word, ed. Robert Goss and Mona West
      Review of Biblical Literature.
A Marginal Jew: Companions and Competitors, by John Meier
      Anglican Theological Review 84/2 (2002) 418-420.
John, A Postmodern Gospel by Patrick Chatelion Counet
      Catholic Biblical Quarterly 64/2 (2002) 372-373.
Jesus After 2000 Years: What He Really Said and Did, by Gerd Lüdemann
      Trenton Times (Dec. 23, 2001), AA3.
Greek-English Lexicon of the New Testament and Early Christian Literature, by Walter Bauer, Frederick Danker
      Anglican Theological Review 83/4 (2001).
In The Beginning, by Alister McGrath
      Trenton Times July 8, 2001), AA 3-4.
The Parables of Jesus, by Arland Hultgren
      Princeton Seminary Bulletin 22/3 (2001) 389-391.
What Nietzsche Really Said, by Robert C. Solomon & Kathleen M. Higgins
      Anglican Theological Review 83/2 (2001) 323-324.
The Personal Voice in Biblical Interpretation, Ingrid Rosa Kitzberger, ed.
      Catholic Biblical Quarterly 62 (2000) 777-79.
The Four Witnesses, by Robin Griffith-Jones
      Episcopal Life (November 2000).
Text and Truth, by Francis Watson
      Pro Ecclesia (2000) 507-08.
Honor and Shame in the Gospel of Matthew, by Jerome Neyrey
      Princeton Seminary Bulletin 21/1 (2000) 113-115.
A History of the Synoptic Problem, by David Laird Dungan
      Theology Today 57/1 (2000) 149-152.
A Commentary on the Gospel of Matthew, by Craig Keener
      Theology Today 56/4 (1999) 646.
The Theology of the First Christians, by Walter Schmitals
      Catholic Biblical Quarterly 61/3 (1999) 603-604.
Is There a Meaning in this Text? by Kevin Vanhoozer
      Theology Today 56/3 (1999) 422.
Jesus and the Holocaust: Reflections on Suffering and Hope, by Joel Marcus
      Episcopal Life 9/8 (September 1998) 34.
The Gospel of Matthew, by Donald Senior
      Theology Today 55/2 (1998) 298.
The Word Made Strange: Theology, Language, Culture, by John Milbank
      Theology Today 55/1 (1998) 139.
Early Christian Thought in its Jewish Context, ed. John Barclay and John Sweet
The Body of Faith, by Jacob Neusner and Bruce D. Chilton
      Anglican Theological Review 80/3 (1998) 420-422.
Matthew, by Thomas Long
      Princeton Seminary Bulletin 19/2 (1998) 219-220.
The Birth of Christianity, by John Dominic Crossan
      Trenton Times, (August 16, 1998) CC4.
Why Christianity Must Change or Die, by John Shelby Spong
      Trenton Times (May 17, 1998) CC1.
Scripture and Ethics, by Jeffrey Siker
      Lexington Theological Quarterly 32/3 (1997) 194-95.
Interpreting God and the Postmodern Self, by Anthony Thiselton
      Interpretation 51/4 (1997) 436-38.
Victims and the Postmodern Narrative, or Doing Violence to the Body: An Ethic of Reading and Writing, by Mark Ledbetter
      Theology Today 54/1 (1997) 145.
Postmodern Theory and Biblical Theology, by Brian D. Ingraffia
      Theology Today 53/4 (1997) 560.
The Bible in Modern Culture: Theology and Historical-Critical Method from Spinoza to Käsemann, by Roy A. Harrisville and Walter Sundberg
      Critical Review of Books in Religion (1996) 137-139.
The Sermon on the Mount, by Hans Dieter Betz
      Princeton Seminary Bulletin 17/3 (1996) 369-70.
God With Us, by Mark Allan Powell
      Theology Today 53/2 (1996) 278.
The Theology of the Gospel of Matthew, by Ulrich Luz
The Theology of the Gospel of John, by D. Moody Smith
The Theology of the Gospel of Luke, by Joel B. Green
      Pro Ecclesia 6 (1997) 116-117.
Not Ashamed of the Gospel, by Morna Hooker
      The Living Church (Jan. 7, 1996) 27.
Models for Scripture, by John Goldingay
      Theology Today 52/4 (1996) 525-528.
Ethics of Interpretation, by Daniel Patte.
      Theology Today 52/3 (1995) 444.
The Postmodern Bible, by The Bible and Culture Collective
      Cross Currents (1995) 538-540.
Jesus Under Fire, ed. Michael J. Wilkins and J. P. Moreland
      The Living Church (9/10,/95) 16-17.
Heirs of Paul, by J. Christaan Beker
      Theology Today 52/3 (1995) 444.
What Are They Saying about Matthew’s Sermon on the Mount? by Warren Carter
      Princeton Seminary Bulletin 17/1 (1996) 100-101.
Text Church and World, by Francis Watson
      Theology Today 52/2 (1995) 282-286.
Biblical Authority and Biblical Tyranny, by William Countryman
Biblical Authority in the Church, by Frederick Borsch
Is the Bible True? by David Coote and Robert Ord
      Episcopal Life (May 1995) 25.
Poststructuralism and the New Testament, by Stephen D. Moore
      Catholic Biblical Quarterly 57 (1995) 407-408.
Reclaiming Faith, ed. Ephraim Radner and George R. Sumner
      Pro Ecclesia 4 (1995) 114-116.
Jesus of Nazareth and Christ of Faith, by Peter Stuhlmacher
      Interpretation 49/4 (1995) 427-428.
New Horizons in Hermeneutics, by Anthony C. Thiselton
      Modern Theology 10/4 (1994) 433-434.
Biblical Faith and Natural Theology: The Gifford Lectures for 1991, by James Barr
      Catholic Biblical Quarterly (1994) 578-79.
Biblical Theology of the Old and New Testament, by Brevard Childs
      Biblical Theology Bulletin 24 (1994) 92.
The New Testament and the People of God, by N. T. Wright
      Catholic Biblical Quarterly 56/1 (1994) 164-66.
A New Handbook of Christian Theology, by D. Musser & J. Price
      Modern Theology 10/3 (1994) 306-308.
Theological Ethics of the New Testament, by Eduard Lohse
      Interpretation 48/2 (1994) 210-12.
Seeking the Humanity of God, by James Buckley
      Biblical Theology Bulletin 24 (1994) 34.
Mark and Luke in Poststructuralist Perspective, by Stephen D. Moore
      Anglican Theological Review 75 (1993) 261-263.
The Promise and Practice of Biblical Theology, ed. John Reumann
      Catholic Biblical Quarterly 55 (1993) 417-19.
Christ at the Centre, by Dermot Lane
      Episcopal Life (1992).
Theology and Social Theory, by John Milbank
      Anglican Theological Review 74 (1992) 510-512.
Seeking God in Story, by John Navone
      Critical Review of Books in Religion (1994) 127-29.
God’s Word Expressed in Human Words, by Michael D. McGehee
      Critical Review of Books in Religion (1994) 126-27.
Saints and Postmodernism, by Edith Wyschogrod
      Interpretation 46 (1992) 422.
The Son of Man Tradition, by Douglas R. A. Hare
      Catholic Biblical Quarterly 54 (1992) 782-783.
Paul and the Popular Philosophers, by Abraham J. Malherbe
      Anglican Theological Review 73 (1991) 491-2.
Postmodern Theology, ed. Frederic Burnham
      Anglican Theological Review 73 (1991) 81-83.
Intertextuality in Biblical Writings, ed. Sipke Drasma
      Catholic Biblical Quarterly 53 (1991) 518-519.
Jesus and Postmodernism, by James Breech
      Catholic Biblical Quarterly 53 (1991) 316.
Postmodern Use of the Bible, by Edgar McKnight
      Catholic Biblical Quarterly 52 (1990) 758-759.
Paul and the Irony of Affliction, by Karl Plank
      Critical Review of Books in Religion 2 (1989) 237-239.
The Mystical Way in the Fourth Gospel, by William Countryman
      Anglican Theological Review 70 (1988) 265-7.
Norman Perrin’s Interpretation of the New Testament, by Calvin Mercer
      Paradigms 4 (1986).