Curriculum Vitae

Other Technology Activities

Interpreting the Web as Text, as Scripture. . . ?
      Interview with David Weinberger, Harvard University, Berkman Center for Internet and Society podcast
Check In,”
      Interview on IT Conversations, March 29, 2004
Panelist on Grassroots Digital Identity
      Digital Identity World, Denver, October 2003.
Theological Advisor
      Ludicorp Research and Development, 2003.
Consultant on weblogs and higher education
      Vanderbilt University, May 2003.
Invited participant-blogger,
      Digital Identity World, Denver, October 2002.
Behind the Screen with A. K. M. Adam,”
      Interview in pixelview, Spring 2002.

Grants, Honors, and Awards

Center of Theological Inquiry
      Member 2007-2008.
Conant Foundation Grant
The Disseminary
      Grant from the Wabash Center, 2002-03
Wabash Center Conference on Teaching and Technology
      Convener, 2002
Wabash Center Consultation on Teaching Biblical Greek
      Steering Committee, 2001-2002
Association of Church Presses Award: Honorable Mention, Biblical Interpretation
Episcopal Church Foundation Fellow
James B. Duke Fellow
      Duke University Graduate School, 1987-89

Press and Interviews

The Varieties of Faith and Reason, Take Two: Allen Dwight Callahan and A. K. M. Adam,”
      Open Source Radio with Chris Lydon. May 22, 2007.
The Minutes of Our Lives,”
      Wall Street Journal, March 2, 2007, W1, W7.
“Questions about Katrina: What Do You Hope We Learn? Did Hurricane Raise New Questions?”
      Vital Theology 2/7 (Sept. 25, 2005), 7.
Interview for France 2 Television, Envoyé Spécial,
      On weblogs and congregational life, 2005
“Righting Copywrongs,”
      Toronto Globe and Mail, Reviews section, April 10, 2004
“Blogs, Coffeehouses, and the Public Square,”
      Comment, Summer 2002
“Postmodern Biblical Interpretation,”
      WHYY-FM Radio, Philadelphia, 1998
“Scholars Paint a Different Pilate,”
      Baltimore Sun Journal, April 4, 1996
“How does ‘Historical Jesus’ research affect our faith?”
      Episcopal Life 7/10 (Nov. 1996), 28.

Parish and Continuing Education Programs

“Christianity in the Postmodern Era,”
      Community Church of Wilmette, 2007.
“The Quest for the Historical Jesus,”
      parish churches from 1996-2007.
“History, Truth and The da Vinci Code,”
      parish churches from 2004 to 2006.
“Poaching on Zion,”
      parish churches from 1997 to 2002.
“The Quest for the Historical Paul,”
      parish churches from 1997-2004.
“Preaching From Luke,”
      Diocese of Western Missouri Clergy Conference, spring 2002.