Curriculum Vitae


Faithful Interpretation: Reading the Bible in a Postmodern World, (Minneapolis: Fortress Press, 2006).
Reading Scripture with the Church: Toward a Hermeneutic for Theological Interpretation,
      with Kevin Vanhoozer, Stephen Fowl, and Francis Watson. (Grand Rapids: Baker Books, 2006).
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Making Sense of New Testament Theology, (Macon GA: Mercer Univ. Press, 1995).
What Is Postmodern Biblical Criticism? (Minneapolis: Fortress Press, 1995).
      In preparation:
Signifying Matthew. Westminster John Knox (under contract).
Exegetical Method. (New Testament Library). Westminster John Knox
      (under contract, next project after Signifying Matthew).

Academic Articles

“History and Theory of Theological Interpretation of the New Testament,” forthcoming in Searching for Meaning: A Practical Guide to New Testament Interpretation, ed. Paula Gooder. SPCK/WJK.
“Postmodern Biblical Criticism,” forthcoming in the New Interpreter’s Dictionary of the Bible, ed. Kathatrine Sakenfeld. Abingdon.
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“Biblical Theology and the Problem of Modernity,” Horizons in Biblical Theology 12 (1990) 1-17.

General-Interest Articles and Sermons

“At a Crossroads? The Anglican Impasse,” Christian Century, (March 20, 2007) 9-10.
The Miracle of Compassion and God's Liberating Authority,” The Witness (January 29, 2006). Accessed July 12, 2007.
“Collared,” Christian Century (May 31, 2005) 9-10.
“I Am Thirsty,” Good Friday Sermon, Princeton Seminary Bulletin 20 (1998) 181-182.
“Crossing Over, Pressing On,” Baccalaureate Sermon, Princeton Seminary Bulletin 19/3 (1998) 236-241.
“Theological Themes,” Lectionary Homiletics 8/4 (March 1997).
“Follow the Shepherd,” Horizons 9/7 (November/December 1996) 20-21.
“Did Matthew Have a Plan? A Look at How He Put His Gospel Together,” Horizons 9/5 (1996) 31-32.