Curriculum Vitae

Academic Presentations

“Friends and Others in Dialogue: Robert Brawley, His Postmodernity,”
      Midwestern Regional Society of Biblical Literature, February 2007.
“This Sex Which Is Not Single: A Response to Dale Martin,”
      Society of Biblical Literature, November 2006.
“On the Legitimacy of Academic Biblical Interpretation,”
      Chicago Society for Biblical Research, April 2006.
“ ‘He Placed Himself in the Order of Signs’: Exegesis Signifying Theology,”
      Christian Theology and the Bible Section, Society of Biblical Literature, November 2005.
“ ‘Do This’: Translating, Representing, and Signifying New Testament Theology,”
      Major Paper, Catholic Biblical Association, August, 2005
“ ‘The Strong Right Arm That Holds For Peace’: Godliness As An Alternative to Empire,”
      Ekklesia Project Gathering, July 2005
“Poaching on Zion: Biblical Theology as Signifying Practice,”
      Winslow Lecture, Seabury-Western Theological Seminary, April 2005.
“Allegory, Historiography, and the Theological Interpretation of Scripture Today,”
      Christianity and Judaism in Antiquity Colloquium, University of Notre Dame, April 2005.
“Making An Author You Can’t Refuse,”
      Keynote Presentation, SBL Midwest Regional Meeting, February 2004.
“Cards, Links, and Research: Teaching Technological Learners,”
      Opening address at Theology and Pedagogy in Cyberspace II, Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary, April 2004.
Response to Stanley Hauerwas, “Matthew 27:46,”
      Bible and Christian Theology Group, SBL Annual Meeting, November 2004.
“The Imitation of Christ as a Biblical Trope and Moral Trope,”
      Society of Christian Ethics, January 2004.
“Seeing Hermeneutics and Difference,”
      SBL Bible in Ancient and Modern Media Section, November 2003.
Panel Response to Gina Hens-Piazza, The New Historicism,
      New Historicism and the Hebrew Bible Group, SBL Annual Meeting, November 2003.
“Postmodern Biblical Interpretation,”
      Upper Midwest SBL Regional Meeting, St. Paul, April 2002.
Panel on Postmodern Biblical Interpretation, Handbook and Reader,
      CBA Biblical Hermeneutics Task Force, Seton Hall, August 2001.
“The Disseminary: What Theological Educators Need to Learn from Napster,”
      Theology and Pedagogy in Cyberspace, Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary, May 2001
“The Fluid Dynamics of Catherine Keller’s Tehomic Hermeneutics,”
      Conference on Relational Hermeneutics in a Fractured World, Chapman College, February 2000.
Panel on the Past, Present & Future of the SBL Literary Aspects of the Gospels & Acts Group,
      SBL Annual Meeting, November 1999
“Letters of Tears: The AIDS Quilt and New Testament Theology,”
      CBA Hermeneutics Task Force, Notre Dame, August 1999
“Irigarayan Speculations on New Testament Theology,”
      SBL International Meeting, Lausanne, July 1997
Panel Presentation on Ideological Criticism,
      Studiorum Novi Testamentum Societas Meeting, Birmingham, August 1997
“The Speculum of the Other: Woman’s Salvation,”
      CBA Hermeneutics Task Force, St. Paul, August 1996
“Matthew’s Readers, Power, and Ideology,”
      SBL Literary Aspects of Gospels and Acts Group, November 1994
“The Future of Our Allusions,”
      SBL Literary Aspects of the Gospels & Acts Group, November 1992
“The Expulsion From Paradox,”
      SBL Literary Aspects of the Gospels & Acts Group, November 1991
“Validity and Veiled Minds,”
      SBL Literary Criticism & Biblical Criticism Section, November 1990
      SBL Semiotics and Exegesis Section, November 1990
“Who’s in Charge Here?”
      SBL Rhetorical Criticism Section, November 1989
“Twisting to Destruction,”
      SBL Structuralism and Exegesis Section, November 1988
“Blunted with Community,”
      AAR Arts, Literature, and Religion Section, 1988
Numerous papers and responses at Northeast and Southeast Regional SBL/AAR meetings, 1986-94

Technology Presentations

“Discovery Tools: Replanting the Tree of Knowledge,”
      Top Management Roundtable, Society for Scholarly Publishing, Philadelphia, PA, September 2006
“Freedom, Faith, and Connectivity,”
      Keynote presentation, Freedom to Connect Conference, Washington DC, March 2005
“Weblogs and Education,” and “Weblogs and Spirituality,”
      BloggerCon (Berkman Center for Internet and Society, Harvard Law School), Cambridge, October 2003.
“Digital Benediction,”
      Opening presentation, Digital Genres Conference (University of Chicago), Chicago, May 2003.